Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Monday, 9 August 2010

Puma Suede 350734 05 Burgundy Gum

We've had quite a few of you getting in touch about the October set of Suedes we put pictures up of a while ago. With this is mind when we got the chance to get our hands on a pair we thought we'd take some more for you. Just so you get a better look at what we personally think are the best Suedes for quite some time.
As you can see the tonal upper is in a rich suede that the colour shows off so well. The gold branding sits nicely on top, managing to be subtle and yet raising the profile of the shoe to stand out from the crowd.

For once a brand has taken the time to get the sole colour just right too. A deep gum with white stitching makes the shoe nigh on perfect. How we wish all trainers had this level of love put in to them.
As always there's a lace flip for you but the fat burgundy work so well we'd have forgiven Puma for not bothering with these to be honest. Still in line for the October the 9th and still at the expected £44.99.

Monday, 2 August 2010


Due to be hitting the Ran Shop shelves imminently is Tellason, the all American independent jeans company based in San Francisco, established in 2008. In their short time in production they got our attention for a number of reasons including their passion for quality of product and integrity of distribution. Based in San Francisco they have a hand on approach to the manufacture of the jeans, rather than outsourcing the work to a foreign country. Their selvage denim comes from the famous Cone Mills White Oak plant in Greensboro, North Carolina. A factory which has built up its reputation as one of the worlds premium denim manufacturers, being in constant production since 1905, still using the vintage styling and original constructions to this day. Using American cottons, vintage shuttle looms and sewing machines, and dying techniques they’ve perfected over the year equals great denim!

Keeping things all American and wholesome, Tellason get their leather back patch from Tanner Goods in Portland, Oregon. Who pride themselves on ‘Utilising the most premium leather sourced domestically in America’. Made from vegetable tanned English Bridle American leather, renowned for it’s ability to age beautifully and gain character over years of use. Traditionally used in saddlery and heritage leather goods, English Bridle leather gains colour and marks of distinction like no other leather.

We’re looking forward to getting these jeans into stock, and will keep you up to date on the blog about the date they’re due, exact measurements and fit photos, also we will be keeping a diary on the wearing in of a pair, to give you an idea of the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every pair of Tellason jeans.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Puma Suedes for Autumn Winter 10

Those good folks at Puma have given us some nice pictures of this coming seasons limited issue Suede Classics and we thought you may like to see them. First up are the snorkle blue-black-metallic gold-white (350734 13 product code fans) and the pineneedle green-spectra yellow-metallic gold-white (350734 11) due on the 17th of July.

On the 28th of August comes the burnt orange-puma royal-metallic gold (350734 07) and neptune green-new navy-metallic gold (350734 08).

Finally on the 9th of October we have the burgundy-metallic gold (350734 05) and apple cinnamon-metallic gold (350734 05).
A very impressive line up we're sure you'll agree. Add in the great price of these (they should be £44.99 each still) and we'll leave you pondering which pair you may have to skip rather than which pair you'll buy.
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for more details closer to the times...

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Five days until release

A classic, the original colourway and still as good as ever. This element of the beckenbauer releases is the essential one for us. As an everyday casual shoe it is right up there with the best and with the current U.K. weather its one that will stand up and be counted.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Six days until release

The Adidas 1609ER is a vintage level only product with a very familiar silhouette. Its fairly obvious what this is. Due to another brand having the name that Adidas wanted to give this shoe they chose this snappy monicker. Its a classic colurway that cant fail really on a great shoe, winner number one for 2010!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Upcoming Puma Top Winner and Roma 68

After the success of the Suede Classics it look like Puma have managed to apply the same good sense to two more of their classics. This time its the Top Winner and the Roma 68. Logically they have take the shapes back to the originals ( no cuts made purely for the sake of being contempory) and used the classic, simple colourways that mde the shoes what they were. The gum sole on the Top Winner is a real beauty although this could be a bit of bias as i have a real soft spot for this shoe.
Due to be released in the second week of December and like the Suede Classic at a very good price, check the Ran Website for them when they're out or our Twitter Account for up to the minute info on release dates.